Join us in Delivering Hope This Holiday Season! image

Join us in Delivering Hope This Holiday Season!


This year has been unlike any other. 2020 has been the year of compounding crises and enormous suffering, coupled with the sharp reality that human beings just aren’t meant to stay six feet apart. And nowhere has the disproportionate burden of these compounding tragedies been more acute than among Allies families.

But the extraordinary challenges this year has brought have also revealed what we have known to be true all along: that there is tremendous power when love meets action, and communities activate to look out for one another. This year, Allies for Every Child has mobilized to meet the needs of the children and families we serve by adding vital basic needs supports like food, diapers, cleaning supplies, household essentials, home activity backpacks, and more. And because of our deep relationships with clients and families prior to the pandemic, our sense of community has endured this temporary new normal, and allowed our team to buoy families against an endless array of challenges. And we can do more.

This holiday season, your gift will help get crucial supplies into the hands of those who need it most. It will also help make Allies transformative year-round work possible, which helps prepare children and families for a better, brighter 2021.

$25,000: Can help unite 15 children with foster families, providing equitable opportunities and unconditional love for children and teens

$10,000: Can help heal childhood trauma by providing six months of intensive therapy for 25 children and teens

$5,000: Can provide a month’s worth of healthy, nutritious meals and snacks for 100 children affected by COVID-19

$2,500: Can provide semiannual developmental screenings for 50 children

$1,000: Can support families financially impacted by COVID-19 by providing a week’s worth of diapers and baby wipes for 30 children

$500: Can fund four raised garden beds full of delicious produce in Allies learning garden

$250Can replenish our library with books to delight children’s imaginations

$100Helps Allies support the most vulnerable families during these unprecedented times

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS $ ______ Every dollar counts to help support Allies transformative services and supports to ensure that all children have the childhood they rightfully deserve.